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Eguchi Toys

Montessori children's Sewing Box

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The Children's sewing work box from Eguchi Toys allows children to use a needle and thread to sew various patterns. From simple to complex, from paper to soft cloth, this
work box combines learning and fun!

Modern children rarely have the opportunity to touch needles and thread, so they will have difficulty sewing a button by themselves when they grow up.

The Montessori education method encourages children to do things with their hands,
and the quilter is designed to give children the opportunity to practice using needles and threads.

Eguchi Toys provides thick knitting needles to make them easier for children’s hands to grasp. From piercing holes (to practice holding needles), sewing paper to sewing cloth, a series of sewing papers ranging from simple to difficult allow children to practice according to their own abilities.

We will first sew a needle bag and let the children watch the "sewing" process.
At the beginning, let the children practice holding the needle and
do the work of pricking the paper (pricking the black dots on the paper) to prepare for sewing the paper.

Then you can thread the needle and thread for the child, so that the child can only focus on practicing the "sewing" skills. That is, after inserting the needle, turn the paper over and pull the needle out from the back. After inserting the needle from the same side, pull it out from the other side. Just like this, a child will have to practice for a while. Once your child is familiar with the basic stitches, you can change the patterns and stitches.

Finally, let the children switch from sewing hard paper to soft cloth.
When "sewing" becomes a child's basic skill,
it is not a problem to sew a few sandbags, buttons, or make new clothes for the doll.

Dimensions: 15.5x15.5x5 cm

Weight: 370 g

​Contents: Button  sewing, woolen yarn, needle sewing, cloth sewing, paper thorn pad