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How to build the plane

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This are instructions for turning the packaging of the Le Petit Prince CLiCQUES set into a plane for your Little Prince!

PLEASE NOTE: The plane for the Le Petit Prince can only be made out of the box for the Le Petit Prince CLiCQUES sets. The rest of CLiCQUES figurines come in house shaped boxes. 

- Ruler
- Red Paint
- Brush
- Utility Knife
- Kitchen Knife
- Scissors
- Pin
- Black Marker

1. Remove the label and disassemble the box.
2. Cut the vertical lines and then all the other straight lines.
3. Cut the star in the middle and use the back of a kitchen knife to score the dotted lines (DO NOT CUT THROUGH!).
4. Use scissors to cut out the wings, propeller and tail (don't forget the small cutouts on the wings).
5. Paint everything red on both sides and use a black marker to paint the propeller.
6. Carefully bend the star shaped cutout on the wings along the scored lines.
7. Assemble the body of the plane leaving the lower wing for now. 
8. Use the body of the Little Prince to poke through the star shaped cutout. 
7. Attach the lower wing and the propeller.