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Deluxe Wooden First Birthday Set

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The perfect gift set for a First Birthday! This set is made up of 6 Montessori-inspired toys that aid in the overall development of your child. 

The horizontal dowel/hanger helps develop a slightly different grasp than a traditional stacking toy, and it creates an added challenge for the child. 

The 3 pole puzzle aids in exploring size perception and promotes concentration. 

The 3 shape puzzle includes a triangle, circle, and square to encourage your child’s hand eye coordination, sorting skills, and fine motor skills. 

The traditional shape sorter comes with 4 shapes to match the sorting holes. Offering children with the opportunity to play with cause and effect all while celebrating their accomplishment when the shapes fall into the sorter. This shape sorter can be used to roll along the ground offering a unique sound with the wooden shapes inside.

The traditional stacker can help your child see the concept of small, medium and large. Your toddler can practice ordering by size, hand-eye coordination and problem solving. 

The 4 piece wooden blocks are perfect for balancing, building and problem solving.

All toys are made by Qtoys Australia from plantation timber and non toxic materials