Educational Toys for Young Toddlers (2-4 Year olds)

Educational Toys for Young Toddlers (2-4 Year olds)

And just like that, my little guy is turning 2 this month. Born in the beginning of a global pandemic, my little guy has gone through so much in his young life already. Because we are still trying to stay safe here in the Philippines and take our time recovering from the pandemic, his dad and I thought it would be best to have a simple celebration with close family on his birthday. We will have many years ahead for big parties!

That got me thinking… what can I do to make his birthday special? Cake and presents! Sharing with you our top picks for birthday gifts for young toddlers aged 2-3 yrs old from Little Luke & Co. to fit every budget:


 1. Let's Wash Our Hands Board Book, Php 550


Toddlers are absorbing the world around them like sponges at this age. Washing hands is an everyday experience in life and especially useful during these times. Reading about everyday experiences help our kids think about their day, and it can also be a fun bonding experience before bedtime. This book has fun flaps and thick pages sure to last you until the next baby comes!


 2. Our World Floor Puzzle Map, Php 1,199


Puzzles are a classic educational toy because they promote hand-eye coordination and develop problem solving skills. We love the Our World Floor Puzzle Map because it helps young toddlers get a sense of the world. It is often difficult to explain to our children how the world is so big, but when you have a tangible object such as a map with different drawings, it can serve as a starting point to learning about the world we live in. This is definitely something that can be brought out time, perhaps while planning your dream family vacation!


 3. 3D Sorting and Nesting Board, Php 2,400


At this age, toddlers are learning all about colors, shapes, and sizes. They may not have all their words yet, but they are quickly absorbing the world around them. This is a beautiful toy that can be enjoyed for many years through different toy rotations because of the versatility and creativity that toddlers can have while playing (placing leaves, rocks, or sensory fillers inside the different shapes!)


3) Grapat Perpetual Calendar, Php 3,395

If you’re looking for an investment piece, the Grapat Perpetual Calendar is our top pick for young toddlers. The perpetual calendar includes 12 Nins® in 12 colours according to the Waldorf tradition. Perpetual calendars allow children to touch the year and understand the passage of time through the experience. Furthermore, the set can be used as an introduction to small world play. Small world play is a type of pretend play where children create stories using their imagination or recreate their everyday experiences using objects. It is a little on the pricey side due to being handmade and hand painted with natural and safe materials, but that’s also what makes it great for display on your shelf!

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